Interactive data

Ajman Statistics and Competitiveness Centre produced many tools to present Ajman information interactively, allowing the end users to explore the data of Ajman as their different needs. These tools present the data in different methods such as interactive maps, dashboards, mobile applications and others. H.H. the Ruler of Ajman launched "Macro-to-Mezzo Initiative" in year 2017, which aims to move the processing, dissemination and use of Ajman data from Macro level to Mezzo level, which is the community level. Which will establish making comparisons between communities and neighborhoods within a single city or between cities as well as will enhance the development monitoring and to highlight areas that need interventions to be promoted like other areas (communities).

A set of indicators that reflect the reality of the population and economy of Ajman will be identified, which will show the gaps between the different regions and present them interactively in many tools, which helps to prioritize the intervention of them in order to narrow the gaps between them. As first stage the Census data was prepared - the tools will be updated continuously by adding more data:

Ajman Census 2017

Ajman Statistics and Competitiveness Centre implemented the census of Population, Housing and Establishments 2016/2017 according to the decision of Ajman Executive Council No. (2) for year 2015. As the census is a fundamental source of the development, it aims to provide a comprehensive survey of residents in the Ajman Emirate. Ajman Census 2017 provided important information on many social, economic and living indicators of Ajman residents.

Interactive maps – Ajman Census 2017

These tools display the statistical indicators of Ajman Census 2017 interactively on maps and charts (classified by subjects) that are customizable to suit different user needs. These indicators are presented at the level of the different geographic regions of Ajman Emirate - regions, sectors and the total Emirate.

Dashboards – Ajman Census 2017

These tools display the statistical indicators of the Ajman Census 2017 interactively on dashboards with the availability of filters for choices such as nationality, gender and region selection.