General Information about Emirate of Ajman

Ajman Emirate consists of three different and separated regions as per the topographic and its distance from Arab gulf These regions are Ajman city – Masafwat region-Manama region. The Emirate is characterized by moderate climate and humidity. Humidity increases during summer but in winter it reaches 25 centigrade.

Ajman city

It is the capital of the Emirate where the residence of the ruler and other governmental departments, companies, banks, and factories are located. Due to its strategic location and being the center of Emirates and also due to the achievement took place on economic fields and the development of its basic structure, Ajman city becomes the center that attract investors and capitals. Thus Ajman becomes qualified to start Architectural and civilized renaissance reflected through its modern building that gather both the modernism and the heritage of ancestors.

Masafwat region

It is about 110 KM far from Ajman towards northern east. Masafwat city includes Mazeyrah region and Al Sabgah. The inhabitants are driven from prominent tribes (i.e Bidwat and Bani Kaeb). It is characterized by Agriculture where the fertile soil, wide valleys and moderate climate that make this region qualified to be a center for attracting tourism. It is also characterized by the breathtaking nature where the high mountains (i.e Difta mountain, lishen mountain and White Mountain). It is also characterized by its wide valleys (i.e gulfa valley, sawamer, Masafwat, khanfariya, and frog valley).

Manama region

It is about 60 KM far from Ajman towards east. Along the road there is a route passing by sharjah and Fujairah Emirates. At Manama there is a level full of stones and sands. Manama area is characterized by the breathtaking nature where the high mountains are full of Magnesium and curium and building bricks. Its valleys are known to be very fertile and productive