Ajman Statistics & Competitiveness Center Evaluates “The Statistical Maturity Level” of the Government and Independent Bodies

Ajman Statistics & Competitiveness Center Evaluates “The Statistical Maturity Level” of the Government and Independent Bodies

Ajman Statistics & Competitiveness Center concluded the phase of external evaluations for measuring the statistical maturity level of the government and independent bodies. This is within the framework of the resolution of His Highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, the Crown prince of Ajman Emirate and Chairman of the Executive Council No.9 of 2020, on approving the fourth package of the indexes and strategic objectives of Ajman Vision 2020, including the “Statistical Maturity Index”. 

Dr. Yasmin Joudi, Head of the Technical Committee for the Administrative Census 2020 and manager of the statistical maturity index project stated that  the Center had hired a number of experts and specialists in the statistical field from all over the United Arab Emirates, in order to evaluate the statistical maturity index of the government authorities , where a teleconference meeting was held with a number of officials of the government departments via Microsoft application “Team” to measure the maturity level of the official records at the government and independent bodies, as well as their knowledge about the significance, uses and the extent of application of the statistics to provide high quality data that support the process of decision making and the competitiveness of Ajman Emirate. This comes after those bodies had completed the stage of the self-assessment of the administrative records and submitted them to the Technical Committee.  

Dr. Joudi explained that the statistical maturity index is concerned with evaluating, measuring and following-up the statistical maturity of the government bodies, in order to develop and release official statistics that are in line with the adopted international standards and the manuals issued by Ajman Statistics & Competitiveness Center.

In this context, she pointed out that the index targets all government bodies of Ajman government and the independent entities that have administrative records and which provide the Center with the required statistical data, where the quality of the administrative records kept by these bodies will be evaluated as a part of the administrative census 2020 project of Ajman Emirate.

She emphasized that the main objective of the index is to promote the level of sharing statistical information and data, to upgrade the quality of the statistical data produced by the government bodies and to ensure their compliance with the adopted standards and procedures of quality, in order to provide high quality statistics, as well as develop and promote the efficiency of the statistical capabilities of the staff of the government bodies.

It is worth mentioning that Ajman Statistics & Competitiveness Center conducted a number of training workshop for the employees of the government bodies and independent entities in the Emirate, in order to introduce the main and secondary standards of measurement of the statistical maturity index and the requirements thereof, as well as the form of statistical maturity evaluation and the weights of the main elements of the index, which include three main and nine secondary standards, as well as a number of requirements for applying the index, in accordance with the evaluation of the statistical maturity standards and the auditing mechanism. The workshop also involved discussing several practical modalities of the statistical maturity index.