Labor Force Survey Project 2020 in Ajman Emirate Launched

Labor Force Survey Project 2020 in Ajman Emirate Launched

Ajman Statistics & Competitiveness Center has started, in cooperation with the Federal Competitiveness & Statistics Center, in undertaking the labor force survey 2020 in Ajman Emirate. The field activities of this survey have been launched on the first of this November and will keep going until the end of this month.


The labor force survey is conducted on an annual basis to learn about the characteristics of the labor force and population and the relation thereof with the workforce, as well as the matters related to the labor market, including the characteristics of the employed and the unemployed persons, which contribute to the estimation of the labor market indexes in accordance with the international systems and standards. 


Moreover, this survey contributes to the provision of the data used for statistical research and analysis purposes, which support the decision makers at different tiers and provide up-to-date, accurate and high quality data on the population characteristics according to their relation to the workforce in general.


Hessa bint Zayed , the project director, asserted that the results of the survey will be the groundwork of the planning process of several authorities, particularly the ones concerned with education, training and social affairs, in order to achieve balance between supply and demand with regard to the labor market elements and to provide social care that is one of the most prominent indexes of society welfare.


She explained that the labor market statistics are a significant component of the statistical action system in the UAE, where our wise government considers the same as a main & potent supporting factor for the advancement and creativity in all areas, depending on firm scientific grounds that advance the development pace.    


She also pointed out that the significance of the survey lies in being considered as the key methodology for calculating the unemployment rate as adopted by the International Labor Organization. The survey provides also an integrated database on employment and unemployment in the Emirate, as it studies the employed and unemployed family members, job seekers and those unwilling to work. Such details are not provided by the available administrative records”. 


In this regard, she expressed her hope that all the society members shall cooperate with the field work teams through providing accurate statistical data. She also emphasized that all the data to be collected from the respondent families will be confidential and will be used for statistical purposes only.