Ajman Statistics & Competitiveness Center (ASCC) Issues the Quarterly Bulletin For The Last 2020 Quarter

Ajman Statistics & Competitiveness Center (ASCC) Issues the Quarterly Bulletin For The Last 2020 Quarter

Ajman Statistics & Competitiveness Center has issued the Quarterly Bulletin for the last 2020 quarter, wherein the ASCC has highlighted the most significant economic data and indices reflecting the developments in all fields in Ajman emirate.  


ASCC has revealed that number of births reached to 2.303 cases , while number of deaths amounted to 188 cases. 443 Marriage contracts were performed during the 2020 4th quarter. The average consumer  price index reached to AED 106.27 .


As for the economy and business sector, the ASCC mentioned that number of the new licenses reached 1,089, and renewed licenses  5,041 ones, while the certificates of origin for the purpose of export amounted to 2,081 ones with a total value of AED 376.825 (three hundred seventy six million eight hundred twenty five thousand dirhams), The re-export certificates amounted to 5,860 ones, with a total value of AED 859.940  ( Eight hundred fifty nine million and nine hundred forty thousand dirhams ). Number of companies' renewal licenses in the free zone reached 1,560 ones , and licenses for new companies in the free zone amounted to 498 ones. As for the building and construction sector, number of the residential lease contracts was 16,690 contracts, building permits 921 ones , while the transactions of the Department of Land and Real Estate Regulation reached 3,083 ones with the circulation movement at the Department reached 632 transactions, and the real estate license transactions 211 ones.


Regarding the health sector, number of the visitors to Khalifa Hospital reached 47,213 persons, while number of those visiting Thumbay Hospital reached 38,667 persons.


Concerning the environment and public health, ASCC explained that the amount of water used for irrigation amounted to 2.743 million M³, the production of the nursery was 50,149 seedlings, number of the slaughtered animals suitable for human consumption reached 9,418 ones, while those unsuitable ones reached 54 animals. The results of the laboratory tests of foodstuff valid for consumption reached to 2,525 ones, while the invalid ones were 596 tests. The collected wastes amounted to 319,067 thousand tons, while the total quantities treated by Ajman Sewerage Company Ltd. were 9.856.775 m³.


As for the safety and security, renewed vehicles amounted to 10,475 ones , while the registered  vehicles were 28.855, and 9.238 driving licenses were issued. As for the activities of the Civil Protection Department at the Directorate General of Civil Defense amounted to 3,928 activities, while number of beneficiaries from such activities reached 54,314 persons. Number of reports of fire, drowning and rescue reached 196 ones.


Regarding the tourism sector, number of visitors to the Ajman Museum reached to 1,103, and hotel guests reached 149,200 persons. The social assistance granted by the Ministry of Community Development amounted to AED 36.157.000 dirhams, while the number of social assistance reached 6,787 cases.


With regard to the transportation sector, the marine transport statistics included three fleets, while number of trips reached to 2,788 ones. As for public transport buses, the internal transport transported 270,842 passengers, and Inter-cities transport buses transported 68,266 passengers. As for the taxi vehicle statistics, number of trips reached to 1.664.861. , while number of taxi passengers  reached to 4.994583 persons.


Dr. Hajar Al Hubaishi , Executive director of ASCC stressed that these statistics come within the framework of ASCC efforts for contribution to upgrade Ajman's rank in the local and international competitiveness reports , and support the government decision taking system with accurate and updated data and information to realize the sustainable development.