Rashid Al Nuaimi Calls Ajman Community & Government Authorities to Cooperate For the Success of the Administrative Census

Rashid Al Nuaimi Calls Ajman Community & Government Authorities to Cooperate For the Success of the Administrative Census

H.H. Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi,  Chairman , Municipality & Planning Department, Chairman of the Higher Committee For Administrative Census in Ajman Emirate held a meeting , at his office , with the Administrative Census work team of Ajman Statistics & Competitiveness Center ( ASCC) staff for presenting and discussing the latest updates on the 2021 administrative census, reviewing the current findings and indices of the administrative census' report , including development phases of the administrative census project , process of establishing administrative records , updates on linking administrative records of the government authorities with the ASCC , reviewing findings of buildings , houses and facilities data in addition to presenting findings and indices of individuals and families received from the self-counting platform.   

The meeting was attended by Dr. Hajar Saeed Al Hubaishi , Executive Director , Ajman Statistics & Competitiveness Center , Dr. Yasmeen Joudi , Technical Statistical Advisor of the ASCC, Hessa Bin Zayed , Tareq Mahroos and Ahmed Abdulla representing the Administrative Census work team.   

At the beginning of the meeting , H.H. Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi welcomed the work team, wished them success and good luck in performing their duties. H.H. talked about significance of this national project for drawing and establishment of the economic , social , development , urban and planning future policies in order to achieve Ajman 2021 vision and strategy.

H.H. elaborated that the project enjoys the interest and support of H.H. the Ruler , and ceaseless follow up by H.H. the Crown Prince due to their belief in importance of the self-counting platform in supplying all the accurate data and information that support the decision makers.

Dr. Hajar presented the current and future plan of the project, with the phases of the administrative census project already completed. As the previous phase included completion of 100% of the geographical coverage of Masfoutt & Al Manama towns. Currently , we are in the process of urging and assisting families to register at Ajman city self –counting platform. She presented the plan of the team on dividing the work according to the geographical areas depending on the population density. The work team presented the current major findings and indices related to findings and indices of the register of buildings , real estate units and economic installations , findings of the labor camps , findings and data of the indices of the individuals and families registered at the self-counting platform , in addition to the current status of the on-line linking with the government departments.

H.H. reviewed the administrative census recommendations, and directed the government authorities to exert more efforts and cooperation for completing linking the administrative records with the ASCC , urging and encouraging all individuals and families to cooperate with Ajman Statistics & Competitiveness Center for filling out all the data by access to and registering at the self-count platform , and also encouraging the labor camps officials to fill out all the data of the workmen.   

It is worthy to mention that the administrative census aims at establishing a central register to include data of the population , buildings , houses and facilities, as well as providing high quality , inclusive  and updated data instantly.

Best and most prominent international practices , methodologies and recommendations have been applied for the digital statistical conversion process for collecting data for the administrative census for the population , houses , buildings and installation register. The administrative census covers all the individuals ( Citizens and expatriates) living within Ajman Emirate borders , including Ajman city and Masfoutt and Al Manama areas, who are registered in the official records. It counts all the individuals , whether they are permanently living in the Emirate, or expatriates holding valid residency permits.    

At the conclusion of the meeting, H.H. Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi expressed his thanks and appreciation to the work team of ASCC staff for their good efforts, dedication and effective contribution for performing this wonderful project. Moreover, H.H. stressed on the importance of cooperation and participation of all the population and the government departments in Ajman Emirate for the accomplishment and success of this vital project , having public benefit for the individuals as well as the community.