“ Ajman Statistics & Competitiveness Center” Conducts a Training Course On Ajman Annual Economic Surveys For 2021

“ Ajman Statistics & Competitiveness Center” Conducts a Training Course On Ajman Annual Economic Surveys For 2021

On August 30th 2021, Ajman Statistics & Competitiveness Center (ASCC) conducted a training course at the City University College Ajman for a period of four days for training the field researchers working in Ajman Emirate Annual Economic Surveys for 2021.


Ms. Hessa Bin Zayed , project manager , stated that the objective of the training course is to train the field researchers on the statistics data collection mechanisms through using the state of the art technologies , while observing the preventive and precautionary procedures to reduce the spread of the corona virus disease (Covid 19).


She added that the course included various significant topics , such as the annual economic survey objectives , mechanisms of classifying the economic firms into various economic sectors and activities, and identifying production values generated from the main business activities as well as the secondary activities.


Ms. Hessa stressed that the project of the annual survey of the economic firms is one of the most important statistic projects conducted by (ASCC), as it provides an economic database for the emirate to help the decision makers in taking informed decisions in the field of economy.    


In this concern , she mentioned that the project contributes to providing high quality , accurate , and comprehensive updated economic date in accordance with the recognized international standards , that cover the data of all the main and necessary characteristics , in terms of numbers , locations and distribution of the economic installations to the various economic activities , identifying their legal forms , ownership , capital , number of their employees with their numerations such as salaries and benefits , as well as detailed information on the production and expenditures. She said that the project takes all the preventive and precautionary measures and procedures to minimize spread of the corona virus (COVID -19), in addition to applying the most advanced technologies for collecting the required data.     


Ms. Hessa explained that the project covers all the activities , including the sectors of transformational industries , whole and retail sale trading, construction and erection, transport and communications, and the finance , insurance and service sectors for obtaining information on the manpower volume , production values , added value account and the capital composition of each sector.