“ Statistics & Competitiveness Center “ Receives a Delegation from Umm Al Quwain Executive Council

“ Statistics & Competitiveness Center “ Receives a Delegation from Umm Al Quwain Executive Council

Within the activities and efforts exerted by Ajman Statistics & Competitiveness Center (ASCC) for strengthening the ties of cooperation , joining all the efforts and exchanging the expertise among the government entities in the UAE in order to improve the status of the statistic work , ASCC received, on Monday morning , a delegation from the Secretariat General of Umm Al Quwain Emirate executive council to have a brief on the best practices of the ASCC and the advanced technologies used in the field of data and statistics,   for upgrading the international competitiveness rank of the UAE, developing the statistics system , learning about and identifying the successful experiences and practices , in addition to consolidating the cooperation and coordination relationships among the government agencies in the UAE.


The delegation was briefed on the ASCC’s achievements during the past period, the most important of which are the population's "Self-Counting" platform, interactive data, mobile application, project management system, as well as other diversified and distinctive programs launched by the ASCC and have been the focus of everyone's attention.


The reception of the delegation came out of the ASCC’s keenness to reinforce the strategic relationships, and was based on the principle of cooperation and coordination between government authorities for the public interest and the significant positive results to be realized by such cooperation for the mutual benefit of both parties.


In her turn, Dr. Hajar Saeed Al-Hubaishi, Executive Director of ASCC, welcomed the delegation of the Secretariat General of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain, said “ We welcome receiving all the government agencies and the public institutions in the UAE, to upgrade the work system, transfer expertise and experiences among all, for the common interest and benefit of the United Arab Emirates and to promote the institutional work within the government departments.


At the end of the visit, the delegation had an orientation tour, during which the members were briefed on the departments and sections of the Ajman Statistics and Competitiveness Center. The delegation appreciated the distinguished efforts and pioneering experiences of the ASCC and stressed the importance of repeating such visits to the statistical centers in the UAE in the future, in order to identify the successful experiences in addition to strengthening cooperation and coordination ties between government agencies in the UAE.