Ajman Statistics Center (ASC) begins updating household and individual data through the self-enumeration platform

Ajman Statistics Center (ASC) begins updating household and individual data through the self-enumeration platform

Ajman Statistics Center (ASC) announced launching the update of the population data for the year 2022 through the self-enumeration platform of the administrative census project, starting today and continuing for one month, to provide a database , detailed and accurate information on the population of the emirate in order to help the decision makers in Ajman government to develop strategic plans and public policies in order to achieve sustainable development, elevate society towards better lifestyles and enhance its well-being.


Dr. Yasmine Judy, the Technical Statistical Consultant, Chairwoman of the Technical Committee for the administrative Census, urged all citizens and residents in the Emirate of Ajman to respond to the project of self-enumeration, seeking their cooperation and participation, by providing the required information correctly in the form prepared by the ASC for this purpose, through answering all the questions contained therein in accordance with official documents and instruments.

She stated that the most important feature of the self-enumeration platform is getting the maximum benefit from the digital technologies that will enable the families to perform the process of updating the data by themselves, and directly, through using a link to enter the platform, which will be launched by Ajman Statistics Center through a specific application or by sending a text message (SMS) , indicating that updating of the household data through the e. platform, takes place without the field researcher’s visiting the families that previously relied on field visits and personal interviews, the thing which contributed to reducing the waste of time, effort and money.

She explained that the process of data updating  that has been launched today and will take a month. However; this process will be continuous and open permanently, in order to monitor the changes that occur constantly among the residents of the emirate due to the process of moving, change of domicile or adding new born babies within the families.

She mentioned that Ajman Statistics Center has mobilized and qualified a technical assistance team with all the required capabilities to provide assistance and advice to the families and answer the inquiries and questions, especially for those who have difficulty in accessing the platform.

Dr. Judy assured everybody that the data and information to be obtained will be strictly confidential in accordance with the law and will be used only for statistical and planning purposes.