A word from the executive director

We would like to welcome you to visit the website of the Ajman Statistics Center which was established to embody Ajman Government's vision of 2021 and to reinforce the government's work system in the Emirate, where we strive to improve statistical and competitive work within an integrated local system that conforms to the highest international standards.
The Ajman Statistics Center’s website presents statistical information and competitive indicators produced by the Center and local and federal government institutions with swiftness, international quality and ease of delivery to different users.
In this context, the website of The Ajman Statistics  Center is a crucial point in the statistical and competitive process of the Emirate being the principal and the only source that provides a reference database at the level of Ajman as well as being a scientific gateway and a tool of fruitful interaction with many users and individuals concerned in statistical figures, data and competitive indicators.
The Center is keen to develop and expand its services to please its customers and to boost their confidence by sparing time and effort and developing various publishing tools to meet the needs of customers, decision makers and the business community in accordance with best practices in this field. It is also striving to promote the digital transformation of the Emirate.
The Ajman Statistics Center is striving to accomplish a number of objectives, the most significant ones are the regulation and development of the statistical and competitive work to the benefits and interests of the Country and the Emirate, building an integrated local statistical system, boosting the Emirate in various sectors, and enhancing Ajman's position .
The Ajman Statistics Center is also striving to support the decision-making mechanism in the government through the provision of accurate and updated data and information.

Hope you find our website useful and beneficial to you. We request our valued visitors not to hesitate to submit any suggestions or ideas that may improve the quality of our site.

God grants success

Dr. Hajar Saeed Al-Hubaishi

Executive Director of the Ajman Statistics Center