Who is Ajman Statistics and Competitiveness Center(ASCC)?
Ajman Statistics and Competitiveness Center has been established pursuant to the Amiri Decree No.28 of 2017. 
The Center is the competent local authority in Ajman and the main source and the sole reference 
in respect of statistical and competitiveness affairs prescribed in this Decree.
The Center aims at realizing the following objectives:
     1. Organization and development of statistical activities, so that the interests of the UAE and the Emirate are achieved.
     2. Development of an integrated local statistical system.
     3. Upgrading the competitiveness of the Emirate in various sectors.
     4. Contribution to the promotion of the Emirate’s status in the local and international competitiveness reports.
     5. Supporting the decision making system of the government through providing accurate and up-to-date data and information.
What kind of data does ASCC provides?
Statistical data on all activities (economic, social, environmental and demographic) for Ajman Emirate.
Does the statistics centre provide data and reports related to Ajman only?
Yes, ASCC provides data related to Ajman Emirate only.
What services does the Center provide to its customers?
For the government sector, ASCC provides statistical and competitive data and information and consultancy and training services related to statistical work. For the private sector, ASCC only provides statistical and competitive data and information. Can be requested from the following link: https://scc.ajman.ae/en/statistical_request 
Where can you obtain data related to the United Arab Emirate?
The Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA) in the following link: https://fcsa.gov.ae/en-us
How can I get the data which are not available on the site?
This is done by sending a message via e-mail (info.Scc@ajman.ae), 
or fill-out a request form by going to the following link https://scc.ajman.ae/en/statistical_request
Is there a fee for statistical data?
All the data provided by ASCC are free of charge.
Does ASCC provide names or phone numbers of companies?
No, it provides statistical numbers and data which do not include a list of names (of individuals or companies) as such data are considered confidential
What is the official definition of competitiveness?
Competitiveness is the ability to achieve long-term prosperity while maintaining a balance between 
productivity and quality of life for the country and the citizen.
What does ASCC provide on its website?
Access to the latest indicators, statistical reports and publication
What are the statistical publications issued by the Centre?
Statistics Centre issues monthly, quarterly, annual, and irregular publications such as "Ajman On Number" and "Statistical Year Book".
Can I get ASCC ’s publications?
All publications of the center can be downloaded directly from the website and is free of charge
What are the methods followed by ASCC in collecting data?
ASCC collects data by two methods: 
1- Administrative data - collected from different government departments ,Semi-government and private companies. 
2- Surveys and opinion polls
How to identify a field enumerator?
1. ASCC enumerators are dressed in uniform (jacket bearing logo of ASCC) 
2. He or she will identify himself/ herself by giving his/her name, stating who he/she represents and showing his/her ID. 
3. The enumerator must indicate the purpose his/her visit and the type of poll or survey he/she is working on. 
Once the above requirements are met, interviewees are kindly requested to cooperate with the field enumerator, 
given the importance of this survey in making decisions for the benefit of the society. 
Please note that all data collected will be treated confidentially. and you can call a 80070 or 067016770  for the following information: 
- Name of field enumerator 
- Employment card number 
- Type of survey or poll
How can I request statistical data on the Emirate of Ajman ?
This is done by sending a message via e-mail (info.Scc@ajman.ae), 
or fill-out a request form by going to the following link https://scc.ajman.ae/en/statistical_request
How can I make a note or suggestion for ASCC’s team?
You can submit your comments and suggestions through the social media channels or by calling the call center 80070
What is the center's role in the field of competitive reporting for the Emirate?
The Center monitors, reviews and analyses important international reports and classifications that can be applied to the Emirate of Ajman. 
This will contribute to raising the emirate's competitiveness, such indicators as easy of doing business, business tracking indicators 
and attractiveness indicators in the emirate.