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The "Ajman Statistics Center" was established based on Emiri Decree No. (28) of 2017. The center is
The locally competent authority in the Emirate of Ajman and the main source and sole reference in statistical affairs
stipulated in this decree. The center aims to achieve the following objectives:

Organizing the development of statistical work to achieve the interests of the state and the emirate
Supporting the decision-making system in the government with accurate and up-to-date data and information
Building an integrated local statistical system

Dr. Hajar Saeed Al-Hubaishi

Executive Director of Ajman Statistics Center

CEO's Word

We would like to welcome you to visit the website of the Ajman Statistics Center which was established to embody Ajman Government's vision of 2021 and to reinforce the government's work system in the Emirate, where we strive to improve statistical  work within an integrated local system that conforms to the highest international standards.
The Ajman Statistics Center’s website presents statistical information produced by the Center and local and federal government institutions with swiftness, international quality and ease of delivery to different users.
In this context, the website of The Ajman Statistics Center is a crucial point in the statistical of the Emirate being the principal and the only source that provides a reference database at the level of Ajman as well as being a scientific gateway and a tool of fruitful interaction with many users and individuals concerned in statistical figures, data.
The Center is keen to develop and expand its services to please its customers and to boost their confidence by sparing time and effort and developing various publishing tools to meet the needs of customers, decision makers and the business community in accordance with best practices in this field. It is also striving to promote the digital transformation of the Emirate.
The Ajman Statistics Center is striving to accomplish a number of objectives, the most significant ones are the regulation and development of the statistical work to the benefits and interests of the Country and the Emirate, building an integrated local statistical system.
The Ajman Statistics Center is also striving to support the decision-making mechanism in the government through the provision of accurate and updated data and information.

Hope you find our website useful and beneficial to you. We request our valued visitors not to hesitate to submit any suggestions or ideas that may improve the quality of our site.

God grants success

Dr. Hajar Saeed Al-Hubaishi1

Executive Director of the Ajman Statistics Center

The organizational structure of Ajman Statistics Center

With knowledge, we enhance the future of Ajman

  Our Values : Quality /  Fairness /  Professionalism  /  Credibility  /  Creativity and Innovation  /  Confidentiality  /Transparency

Center Achievements

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Ajman Statistics and Competitiveness wins the diamond level in an international award for dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic




Cooperation and Service Charter

Cooperation and Service Charter

Ajman Statistics Center strives to provide high quality accurate data and indicators, in accordance with the international statistical standards, approved for use in designing plans and policies.


Our commitment towards data users and producers:

1. Meeting your needs with honesty, credibility and professionalism,

 2. Maintaining the confidentiality of the information that you provide.

 3. Providing statistics and indicators, in accordance with the approved international statistical standards and methodologies.

 4. Meeting all your requests and needs, promptly and without delay.

5. Providing data and indicators for all, fairly and without discrimination.

 6. Warm reception, meeting all your requirements with excellence in dealing with you.

7. You are welcome to contact the top management at any time.

8. Providing the best smart services and furnishing information and statistical data through your favorite means.

9. The center seeks to address and deal with the problems and proposals


You can contact us during official working hours from Sunday to Thursday, from 7:30 until 2:30, and by calling +971 670 16770

And e-mail


Ajman Statistics Center, is committed to meeting all the of customers’ needs, by providing the best prime services, to make them delighted, in accordance with the highest standards of quality, excellence and effectiveness, and in a way that is consistent with  supporting the vision and mission of the center and its strategic goals, and in accordance with the best approved global statistical practices,  to meet the requirements of the survey management system, research and opinion polls, as stated in  (ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 20252: 2012) Quality Management System, as follows:

- Defining all tasks and responsibilities towards the concerned parties, under the framework of applying the regulations and safeguarding the efficiency and effectiveness of the available resources.

- Fully Complying with the legislative, legal, regulatory systems and the like.

- Raising and disseminating awareness of the requirements of administrative systems and all relevant related processes and requirements, with entire commitment to professionalism, craftsmanship and transparency.

- Reviewing the systems’ performance, and any other requirements that might affect the workflow and strive to constantly enhance and develop it, to attain the highest levels of effectiveness, efficiency and quality.

The Ajman Statistics Center disseminates this policy to all concerned parties, via the available communication channels, to enhance knowledge and fulfill their needs, and to review and develop it continuously.

Executive Director

Ajman Statistics Center


Individuals’ Duties to Cooperate with the Statistical Activity in Ajman Emirate

Due to the significance of the statistical data for setting the plans, programs and projects of comprehensive and sustainable development in Ajman emirate, and to ensure that all society members are committed to provide the required statistical information and data, the Amiri Resolution No.6 of 2017, in respect of organizing the statistical activity in Ajman emirate was issued, some articles of which state as follows: 

Article Five
Duties of the Persons Subject to the Statistical Activity

5 (1) By virtue of this Decree, each natural or legal person in Ajman emirate shall cooperate in a positive manner with the professionals conducting the general census or the statistical surveys, or with those practicing any of the statistical activities. The person shall provide them with all the statistical or personal information and data they require, in conformity with the reality and truth, and in the manner and at the time specified

5 (2)  The owners of houses and private establishments, or their delegates, shall cooperate with the professionals conducting public census or the statistical surveys related thereto, and they shall provide them with the following: 

  1. Allowing these professionals to enter their houses and private establishments during the ordinary working hours, and to review all documents to verify the statistical data and information provided.
  2. Facilitating their tasks related to the census, and allowing them to place marks, codes, letters and digits of the census. 
  3. Not to remove or change any marks, codes, letters and digits placed on the houses and private establishments during the period of conducting and implementation of the census.
Article Six
Confidentiality of Statistical Data and Information
6 (1) All the statistical data and information presented to the Department shall be considered as confidential information. Neither the Department nor its staff may share this confidential information with any person or public or private body, or use it for any purpose other than the statistical purposes, unless such share or use is made upon the request of a competent government agency in accordance with the legislations in force in the Emirate.
6 (2)  When publishing the statistical data and information, the Department shall not disclose any personal data, in order to maintain the confidentiality thereof.
6 (3) The Department shall take all the measures necessary for protecting the statistical data and information, where these data and information shall be collected and kept in places meeting the requirements of security and safety, in accordance with the administrative resolution to be issued based on the Department’s recommendations.
Article Seven
Abstaining from Providing Statistical Data and Information

The respondent shall be considered as abstained from providing the statistical data and information, if he failed to provide such data and information within thirty days from date of the relevant written request, unless he proves that there is a lawful excuse precluded the provision of such data or information. This excludes the censuses for which certain times are specified for providing the statistical data and information required under a resolution of the chairman of the Executive Council that may be issued in this regard.

Article Eight

8 (1)  Without prejudice to any severer punishment prescribed by any legislation in force in Ajman Emirate, a person committing any of the below violations shall be punished with imprisonment for not more than one year and a fine not exceeding the amount of AED. 50,000 (fifty thousand Dirhams), or either of them:

  1. Disclosing any confidential statistical data or information that are referred to in this Decree, any of the industrial or trade secrets or any other work methods that are considered as work secrets, which he becomes aware of due to his work nature or in conducting any statistical activity under the provisions of this Decree. 
  2. Keeping any documents, containing confidential statistical information and data, for himself intentionally, or destroying or forging any documents including statistical information and data intentionally. 
8 (2) Without prejudice to any severer punishment prescribed by any legislation in force, a person committing any of the below violations shall be punished with imprisonment for not more than one year and a fine not exceeding the amount of AED. 60,000 (sixty thousand Dirhams), or either of them: 
  1. Impersonating the staff of the Department or a professional entrusted with a task related to census, statistical survey or other areas of statistical activity under the provisions of this Decree.
  2. Disrupting the activities of the general census or the statistical survey intentionally. 
  3. Providing misleading data intentionally to any of those who are entrusted with conducting the general census or the statistical survey. 
  4. Obtaining confidential statistical information or data, by the way of fraud, threatening, deceiving or any means violating the legislations in force in Ajman Emirate, from any of the Department’s staff or its official records. 
  5. Publishing or causing the publication of incorrect statistical data or information intentionally. 

8 (3) A person committing any of the below violations shall be punished with a fine not less than AED.50,000 (fifty thousand Dirhams) and not more than AED.100,000 (one hundred thousand Dirhams):

  1. Losing or causing the loss of statistical document of confidential nature. 
  2. Abstaining from providing statistical data or information after he is officially requested to do so, in accordance with the provisions of Article 7 hereof. 


These terms and conditions, regulate the use of the Ajman Statistics Center website, which is managed by it.

By using the website, confirms that you are agreeing to these terms and your access to the website and your use of it, are exclusively in line with them

1st- Changes to the website

  • The Center reserves the right to amend these conditions and the website or one of them at any time without prior notification.
  • You agree that the Center will not be held accounted for any amendments and that the continued use of the website after any modifications or conditions is considered as an approval on your behalf, of these amendments

2nd- Using the website

  • You agree that access to and use of the website is strictly confined to lawful and legitimate purposes. You alone bear responsibility for your knowledge and compliance with all laws, legislations, rules and regulations, that may apply to your use of the website.
  • By accessing the website, you agree to the following:
  1. The data available on the website is free of charge and should not be exploited for the purpose of obtaining financial compensation from a third party.
  2. When using the data provided on the website, the user must mention the center's name, publication number and name, Moreover, the content, source, or date of the data must not be changed or modified, and private data shall not be published without a prior authorized written approval from Ajman Statistics Center. 
  3. The Center does not bear any direct or indirect consequences or damages, which may arise from the use of its data on the site, and that responsibility rests on the user, particularly when it is based on current assumptions and expectations that may lead to specific risks and raise doubts about the results, especially, when the differences between the actual data and the projected estimates are not presented.
  4. Some links on the center's website lead to other sites that are not subject to the center’s management, maintenance, or control, and the center is not responsible for the contents or validity of those linked sites and does not endorse their credibility in terms of any goods or services, not to mention that when choosing a link to an external website, you are subject to its own terms and conditions.
  5. The data available on the site must not be used in any activity that violates the regulations of the judicial authorities of the UAE, or sell or exploit them, except with a prior written permission of Ajman Statistics Center. Otherwise, the center will be obliged to resort to the state courts to adjudicate any legal dispute with any party or any person.
  6. Not to use the website to commit any criminal offense or to encourage others to do so, in any act that would constitute a criminal offense or give rise to a civil liability.
  7. The Center’s Website Data, should not be used in any way, for political purposes, or to support illegal, irregular or criminal activities, or to negatively affect the name and status of the Emirate of Ajman, the UAE, or is contrary to the values, norms and principles of the Emirati society.
  8. These conditions must be carefully read in conjunction with the Center’s stated Privacy Policy, which can be referred to, at: Privacy policy, explaining  how to use the information provided on the site, in connection with the Privacy Policy.
  9. Not to use the website to download any content that contains a software virus, "Trojan Horse", or any codes, files, or computer programs, that may alter the functionality of the website, or other persons’ hardware or software, or harm, damage or break them. And not to overload or flood the site, or send commercial messages to or via it, that might lead to its collapse.  
  10. Do not upload, post, send or transmit any material that you are not entitled to broadcast under the law.
  11. Do not send unsolicited e-mails to the site or the e-mails mentioned in it for correspondence, including commercials or advertisements on services or goods, or counterfeit any protocol package address, to control the transmission or any part of the address details in any email or send Newsletters.
  12. Not to change, alter, damage or delete any content posted on the website.
  13. These conditions are protected and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates in the Emirate of Ajman. The jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates is the solely competent authority to consider and resolve every dispute arising out of these conditions.