Ajman Statistics and Competitiveness wins the diamond level in an international award for dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic

Wining this award is culmination of the Ajman Statistics & Competitiveness Center’s efforts and vision towards dealing with the events of COVID-19 pandemic and contribution to the preservation of the safety of society, where the Center took the initiative to measure the extent of awareness on Corona virus (COVID-19) and methods of prevention and combating the spread thereof in Ajman Emirate.


In addition to providing  the relevant information to all stakeholders,  in doing so, the Center presents the ideal model of promotion of and supporting  the precautionary measures inside and outside the Center at the level of the local government and the Emirate’s society, as well as raising  the awareness of the society on the methods of curbing the outbreak of this pandemic, through recognition of the importance of the information, its accuracy and proper time that keeps pace with the requirements and needs of the society in which the Center operates.


In a related context, the Center was the first local government body launching an initiative that brings together 120 volunteer staff and task forces of the Center. This had apparent impact on improving the morale, whetting the enthusiasm and promoting the social cohesion in different times and occasions. In addition to qualify the personnel of Ajman Statistics & Competitiveness Center and train them on the main aspects of the infection of this virus and the methods of curbing its spread through breaking the infection chain by taking the necessary preventive actions, through joining the Community Immunity Ambassadors Program offered by Mohammed bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences and obtaining the certificates of the program completion. Thus, the Center has become the first body in Ajman whose entire staff obtained this certificate.


On the other hand, the Center’s excellence has emerged in applying the precautionary measures, through the implementation of a solid, comprehensive plan to shift to telecommuting during the previous period, as well as the Center’s readiness to use the modern technologies in performing its activities, conducting training and holding meetings. Moreover, the initiative “Paperless Statistics” was launched in coincidence with the World Environment Day, where the Center abandoned the use of paper completely since the application of telecommuting system, and started in using the electronic systems and technologies in all internal and external transactions. In doing so, the Center became the first government body in Ajman Emirate launching this initiative at that comprehensive level to dispense with paper completely and to shift to the complete digital transformation, in order to limit the adverse impact on the environment, reduce the quantity of wastes and contribute to the preservation of the trees that are used in paper production for a better environment.


Moreover, the Center’s prominent role was emerged through the gradual return to work premises while  taking all precautionary measures among the staff, where the necessary guidelines were set, sanitizers were provided, social distancing was considered and internal meetings were remotely held. Along with continuing in the development of work methods of the last year, the  Center promotes the utilization of the electronic systems in  light of the difficult circumstances that hinder direct communication, in order to maintain the safety of society. In this context, a number of crucial, significant studies were conducted  in coordination with the partners that are concerned with the society, its members and the main different  components that support and guide it, such as measuring the awareness of society on Corona virus (COVID-19), the quality of the electronic government services, Ajman Business Platform, economic surveys, Self-enumeration platform and other studies.


It is worth mentioning that this award is presented by Harvard Business Council in the USA to the best entities in dealing with COVID-19, where the Center received the diamond award out of 100 competitors who applied for getting the award. The Harvard Business Council international award is one of the international prestigious awards, which was developed based on the concept of management of comprehensive quality, in order assist the organizations in achieving the regulatory strategies, adopting the best practices, providing high quality services\products and meet the clients’ needs and exceptions.   


Receiving Harvard international award is an assertion of the Center’s leadership and recognition of the ongoing work and great effort exerted by the Center. The Award is granted based on achieving the regulatory strategies, fulfilling the expectations and needs of the stakeholders, providing high quality services and selecting the best practices, where the entities that fulfill these criteria from all over the world are evaluated by a committee of experts of the Business Council at Harvard University. Getting this award documents the Center’s excellence and mastery in dealing with the pandemic.