Ajman Statistics & Competitiveness Center added a significant achievement to its portfolio of outstanding accomplishments, where it obtained the certificate of conformity with the quality management system “ISO 9001-2015” and the ISO certification No. ISO 2019:20252, in respect of surveys, researches and opinion polls management system, in recognition of the Center’s ability to provide high quality services, which positively reflects on the efficiency of performance of its tasks and competences.

The Center has developed manuals of the standard actions of the various processes related to the statistical surveys, which promote the ability to provide high quality, distinctive statistics, in order to support the provision of the official statistics and modern, comprehensive economic and social databases of Ajman Emirate, as well as other data and information related to the strategic indexes, which support and assist the process of decision making, and to upgrade and promote the efficiency of conducting surveys that are supported with standard procedures that are developed in accordance with the best international practices, in order to generate accurate, high quality statistics, data and information.   

The Center has successfully passed the auditing processes that took several months and required many following-up visits, within which the certification body reviewed the main institutional processes undertaken by the Center, which focus on the aspects of organization and development of statistical and competitiveness-related work in the Emirate, aiming at improving the standing of the Emirate in the local and international competitiveness reports, through establishing integrated statistical system that provides the government’s decision making system with accurate and updated data and information.

Obtaining these certificates by the Center emphasizes on the compliance of the Center’s departments with the requirements of the administrative system that is in conformity with the mentioned international specifications, in terms of number and nature of actions required to complete the Center’s tasks, efficiency of communication between the staff of the Center and the efforts exerted by Ajman Statistics and Competitiveness Center to fulfill the needs of the stakeholder and to raise the levels of community satisfaction. 

Moreover, the Center develops and makes available manuals of standard work procedures for the different processes that are related to undertaking the surveys, such as the manuals of quality, auditing and classification, in order to constitute the institutional references of these surveys and to enable the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the process of survey performance and the Center’s performance in general, through the availability of clear, specified procedures, roles and responsibilities that regulate the work and positively reflect on the satisfaction of the different concerned categories and ensuring the quality of the official statistics. 

On the other hand, the adopting of the international quality systems promotes the institutional capabilities and the efficiency of performance of surveys that are supported with standard procedures designed in accordance with the best practices, in order to generate accurate and high quality statistics, data and information and to promote the Center’s standing and raise the community’s trust in it.

Dr. Hajar Al Hubaishi, the CEO of Ajman Statistics and Competitiveness Center, pointed out that receiving the two ISO certificates by the Center indicates that the Center has taken the right route since its establishment, and reflects the outstanding achievements it makes, in terms of management efficiency and the distinctive work performed by the Center, as well as at the level of the trust of the government bodies and the community individuals in the quality of the statistics, data and information. She added that adoption of the international standards will enable the Center staff to gain new various skills, be able to use the financial, natural and human resources properly and to develop the administrative work.