“Ajman Statistics Center” (ASC) participates in the “Global Resilience Forum 2023”


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Ajman Statistics Center participates in the" Global Resilience Forum 2023", to be held on October 5th and 6th at Hilton Al Habtoor City Hotel in Dubai, organized by Dubai Police and the Resilience Center in cooperation with the United Nations Office for Disaster Risks Reduction, in addition to the" Making Cities Resilient 2030 "program, under the title "Enhancing Urban Resilience to Face the Climate Change,", on identifying the strategies that enhance the resilience of cities to disasters to enhance the capability of the government and private sectors to act with a high degree of flexibility and to reduce risks, in addition to consolidating the UAE’s position as a leading country hosting international conferences.

The ASC’s participation in this global event is an opportunity to shed light on its leading role in measuring the data-based indicators to enhance the Emirate of Ajman's ability to cope with climate changes.

During the conference, ASC reviewed its efforts in making Ajman a sustainable city and preparing it to face climate changes and challenges represented by the extreme high temperature and water scarcity through analyzing the data that supports decision-makers in sustainable urban planning, investing in renewable energy, assessing risks, contributing to mitigating them, and developing proactive policies.

H.E. Dr. Hajar Al Hubaishi, Executive Director of Ajman Statistics Center, participates in the 4th Plenary Session in a series of sessions to be held during the first day of the forum titled “Making data-based decisions to enhance cities’ resilience: Investment in the interface environmental, social and corporate governance, bonds, and financing the resilient infrastructure ” The session shall also include several countries' officials and representatives, including H.E. Dr. Patricia McCarney, President of the World Council on City Data, Canada, Darryl Carpenter, former Senior Director, S&P Global Credit Ratings - Tallahassee, USA, and Lisa Ramos, Director, Urban Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Division, Resilience Center, Makati City, Philippines, and Abhilash Panda, Head of Infrastructure Resilience Division, Deputy- Chief, Intergovernmental Operations , Interagency Cooperation and Partnerships Branch, India.

During her participation in the session, Dr. Al-Hubaishi reviewed the key climate challenges facing the Emirate of Ajman when developing a flexible future strategy, and the improvements to address the critical infrastructure sectors, including investment in desalination facilities, renewable energy, and urban green spaces. She also spoke about mechanisms and project financing strategies for enhancing resilient infrastructure.

Dr. Al-Hubaishi said: The Forum is an essential platform for bringing the global leaders, experts and stakeholders together to access to the global best practices and identify strategies that enhance cities' resilience to disasters, through discussing various issues , including early warning systems, climate finance, and to study the relationship between climate and migration.

Dr. Al-Hubaishi stated thatthe Emirate of Ajman's recent obtaining the “ISO 37120: Sustainable Cities and Quality of Life” platinum certification, the “ISO 37123 -Indicators for Resilient Cities” certification , and the “ISO 37122- Indicators for Smart Cities” certification of 2022, from the “World Council on City Data” as the first emirate in UAE and the Middle East, and the world’s 7th city in earning three International City ISO certifications in the same year, reflects the Emirate’s commitment to a more sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive future for its citizens, and offers a clear image of the results of the infrastructure investment, in addition to enabling the emirate to effectively localize the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and equipping the emirate with indicators for measuring the ay attained rogress.

The Global Resilience Forum 2023 focuses on the issue of displacement and pressure on the displaced people and host communities, in addition to resilient urban systems and access to the vulnerable cities and communities’ basic urban infrastructure. The forum hosts more than 35 speakers from around the world representing government bodies, international resilience centers, international humanitarian organizations, 150 significant figures including ministers, secretaries-general, CEOs, and directors-general, and more than 500 participants of the civil society, climate experts, and major companies.

"Ajman's GDP Rises to Dh36 Billion 2023".

Preliminary estimates of Ajman’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the year 2023, issued by the Ajman Statistics Center, reveal the emirate’s robust economic performance and positive growth rates. The emirate achieved a GDP at current prices exceeding 36 billion UAE dirhams, compared to 33.9 billion dirhams in the previous year, reflecting a growth rate of 6.25%. At constant prices, the GDP reached approximately 32 billion dirhams, compared to 30.5 billion dirhams in 2022, with a growth rate of 4.7%. This performance reflects the wisdom of the economic policies adopted by the emirate and confirms the strength and stability of its economy.

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Ajman Police Visits Ajman Statistics Center to Enhance Mutual Cooperation

As part of the mutual cooperation to enhance security efforts and to have maximum benefit of the accurate and reliable statistical data, Ajman Statistics Center welcomed a prominent delegation from Ajman Police General Head Quarters.

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Ajman Government Officials: Committed to the Principles and Directives of Vision 2030 to Enhance the Emirate's Renaissance

Dr. Hajar Saeed Al Hubaishi, the Executive Director of Ajman Statistics Center (ASC) , stressed that "Ajman Vision 2030" envisions the future of the emirate with ambitions that exceed the expectations, aiming to achieve a leading position globally in governance and administration fields. She emphasized the commitment to embody the highest standards and practices at the government, societal, and individual levels. This trend not only seeks to achieve social and economic progress but also aligns with the strategic goals of the United Arab Emirates and the Vision 2071 of the UAE. She added, "In our pursuit of embodying this ambitious vision, the role of the ASC emerges as a cornerstone in supporting the march of development and innovation in the emirate, by providing accurate and high-quality statistical data. We are committed to laying solid foundations for strategic planning and making informed decisions, contributing to solidifying the sustainable economic and social development." She further stated, "Through our collaboration with strategic partners, we aim to achieve this vision by applying innovative methodologies and pioneering initiatives, keeping pace with the rapid global changes and the requirements of this era ".

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