Dr. Hajar Al-Hubaishi: The National Flag Day Embodies the Meanings of Loyalty and Belonging to the Homeland


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Dr. Hajar Saeed Al-Hubaishi, the Executive Director of A S C , affirmed that the flag of the UAE represents a symbol of pride and honor for the citizens and residents of this blessed land, embodying the meanings of loyalty and belonging to the homeland and rallying behind the wise leadership in its relentless pursuit of continuing the journey of building and development. It reflects the cohesion and solidarity of the people of the UAE and presents to the world a model to be emulated in terms of love and loyalty of the sons and daughters of the Emirates to this national symbol.

Her Excellency stated : "We stand in reverence and respect for the flag of our country, which is a great national symbol wherein the noblest meanings of unity and loyalty are embodied, to share with all the population of the UAE, institutions, and governmental entities in elevating the flag of our country, renewing our commitment and loyalty to the wise leadership, and reaffirming our commitment to unify our efforts and energies, and to follow the path of our wise leadership in working for the advancement of the nation, so that the flag of our country remains a symbol of our high and proud unity among nations, reflecting its global status as a model of development, construction, and human values, and a beacon of tolerance, goodness, and giving".
Al-Hubaishi added that the remarkable achievements recently realized by the UAE impose a great responsibility on everyone and serve as an incentive for all the UAE nationals to work with dedication and sincerity to follow the path of our leadership, which spares no effort in harnessing all potentials to upgrade position of the country and achieve more accomplishments, to continue on the path of excellence charted by the government with the determination of its people who know no impossibilities.

Ajman Police Visits Ajman Statistics Center to Enhance Mutual Cooperation

As part of the mutual cooperation to enhance security efforts and to have maximum benefit of the accurate and reliable statistical data, Ajman Statistics Center welcomed a prominent delegation from Ajman Police General Head Quarters.

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Ajman Government Officials: Committed to the Principles and Directives of Vision 2030 to Enhance the Emirate's Renaissance

Dr. Hajar Saeed Al Hubaishi, the Executive Director of Ajman Statistics Center (ASC) , stressed that "Ajman Vision 2030" envisions the future of the emirate with ambitions that exceed the expectations, aiming to achieve a leading position globally in governance and administration fields. She emphasized the commitment to embody the highest standards and practices at the government, societal, and individual levels. This trend not only seeks to achieve social and economic progress but also aligns with the strategic goals of the United Arab Emirates and the Vision 2071 of the UAE. She added, "In our pursuit of embodying this ambitious vision, the role of the ASC emerges as a cornerstone in supporting the march of development and innovation in the emirate, by providing accurate and high-quality statistical data. We are committed to laying solid foundations for strategic planning and making informed decisions, contributing to solidifying the sustainable economic and social development." She further stated, "Through our collaboration with strategic partners, we aim to achieve this vision by applying innovative methodologies and pioneering initiatives, keeping pace with the rapid global changes and the requirements of this era ".

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Humaid bin Rashid Directs Enhancing Community Awareness of Endowments in Ajman

His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, the Ruler of Ajman , has directed to enhance community awareness of the endowments and their role in achieving the sustainable development in the society, contributing to the launch of new endowment projects and initiatives in the emirate. This directive came during the review by His Highness the Ruler of Ajman and His Highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, the Crown Prince of Ajman, Chairman of the Executive Council, of the results of the "Endowments in the Emirate of Ajman for the year 2023" report prepared by Ajman Statistics Center.

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